CfP: “Internet Governance as an Arena of International Politics”

Das Kompetenzzentrum Öffentliche IT (ÖFIT) gibt anlässlich des Internet Governance Forums (IGF) im November 2019 ein Special Issue heraus, das Teil des studentischen Journal „Key Issues“ sein wird. Der Call “Internet Governance as an Arena of International Politics” richtet sich explitzit an Studierende — die Themenschwerpunkte aus dem Call liegen im Bereich der Internationalen Beziehungen:

  • How can the Internet be governed? Has the multi-stakeholder approach proven itself or would a multilateral approach be more appropriate? Do we need new international institutions? How do non-government organisations fill their role in Internet governance? How do governments exert influence? What is the role of the different organisations and fora such as IGF, ICANN, IANA, ITU, W3C etc.? What’s the role of private companies, especially as transnational actors?
  • Which and whose rules should apply to the Internet? How does the struggle about how open, commercial or government-controlled the Internet should be play out? Which conflicts and coalitions form around topics like business models, net neutrality, censorship and government surveillance?
  • What are the political questions behind technical decisions? What is the influence of encryption, development of DNS, the growth of mobile communications, and machine-to-machine communication on the development of the Internet? What does the fragmentation of the Internet in several technical ecosystems mean for its governance?
  • How do national and international actors pursue their strategic goals in Internet governance? How does the dominance of the USA change? What repercussions does the rise of „national“ Internets have? How are the topics of security governance and cyber warfare dealt with?
  • What interests does Germany pursue in Internet governance, and how? How can Germany use the existing fora and organisations more strategically? Which goals should be pursued on an international, European or national level? […]

Bei der Einreichung habt ihr die Wahl zwischen: (1) Academic Article oder (2) Policy Paper.

Welche Modalitäten damit verbunden sind entnehmt ihr dem vollständigen Call, den ihr hier findet.

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